Agile Adoption for Executives

Half-Day Interactive Workshop

Join us for a half-day hands-on workshop that explores real-world examples, and strategies to enable you to get the most out of Agile, with a focus on it as a business imperative, and not just a development methodology.

Utilizing an agile approach has huge potential to be strategic to businesses, in particular by increasing responsiveness to market demands. However, too few agile transitions make an impact outside of software delivery groups. What is missing? In this workshop, we analyze ways to optimize the potential of Agile to energize new business models, engage middle and upper management in becoming Agile, and change the way product and project managers connect Agile concepts and practices with upper management.


  • Overview of the origins of Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Lean software development and the driving philosophies behind them.
  • Overview of interactive skills and collaboration mechanisms to optimize the impact of agile transformation within the team, including distributed teams, and across the organization.
  • Ways to practically apply this to your project/program.


CxO’s Vice Presidents, and other leaders in the organization.

Detailed Course Outline :

Agile project framework

  • • What does an agile project look like?
  • • What are the important elements of an agile project?

Agile methodologies

  • • Key approaches from several agile methodologies.
  • • What techniques are best-combined form different methodologies?

Teams and Roles

  • • What mix of skills do I need on my agile team?
  • • What supporting roles are needed?

Technical Practices

  • • Distributed team interaction.
  • • Offshore / near shore models.

Project execution

  • • Key meetings and their purpose.
  • • Tracking progress.

Conversations – How can you apply this?

  • • Open conversation about the application of these principles.