Agile Project Management

3 Day Interactive Workshop

Join us for a three day highly-interactive workshop that investigates the changing role of the Project manager. According to many “agile experts”, Project Managers are not necessary on agile teams, but we beg to differ, as the established linkage between business and technical needs are what Project Management is all about. This workshop hones your Project Management skills in the Agile context, where requirement are constantly changing, development is iterative and collaboration with business imperative, by investigating your role in the following activities:

  • Agile Leadership
  • PM and IM roles
  • Agile project phases
  • Structure and measure agile teams
  • Project challenges


  • Understand how Leadership in an agile environment is different from a more traditional environment
  • Be clear about the difference between the PM and IM responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Understand the Leadership responsibilities during each of the key phases of an agile project
  • How to structure and measure agile teams
  • Develop methods for dealing with project challenges


Experienced Project Managers, or those new to the role with little or no practical Agile experience. Participants should be good at receiving feedback, and be adaptable to change.

Detailed Course Outline :


  • Introduction of trainers and participants
  • Hopes and concerns exercise
  • Learning Objectives
  • Review of Agile best practices

Essential Agile Engineering Practices

  • Pairing
  • Refactoring
  • Test Driven Design/Development
  • Functional/Integration testing – Tools and practices
  • Continuous Interation
  • Design pattern
  • Build and release

Project Introduction

  • Overview of the Movie Rental Apllication
  • Design Overview

Pairing Introduction

  • How to pair
  • Pairing Infrastructure
  • Monitors
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Rotation techniques
  • Work on the story with a pair

Pairing Continuation and Refactoring


  • Pairing Styles
  • Driver & Navigator
  • Ping-Pong
  • ball & board
  • What is Refactoring
  • Examples
  • Rename
  • Extract Method
  • Split Loop
  • Pair on a story, refactoring as needed

Test Driven Development/Design

  • What is TDD?
  • Why TDD?
  • Three laws of TDD
  • Pair on a story, written in a TDD Style.

Design Patterns

  • What are Design patterns
  • Examples of Design Patterns
  • Composite Pattern
  • Strategy Pattern
  • Pair on a story using a design pattern

Functional and Integration testing

  • What is functional Testing?
  • What is Integration Testing?
  • Introduction to twist
  • Demo on using a web Driver in twist
  • Pair on a story with a functional test.

Continuous Integration

  • What is CI?
  • Introduction to GO
  • Pair on a story, using CI ot verify everything builds correctly

Deployment Pipeline

  • What is Deployment Pipeline?
  • Using Go for Automated Deployments