Business Agility Review (BAR)

To ensure we start the agile adoption process in the most effective, tailored way is to perform a brief assessment of the current state of agile adoption. We call this our “Business Agility Review” or BAR. This is a brief, 5-day, on-site, collaborative assessment performed by two of our experienced consultants working closely with executives, managers, and technical people involved in the software development process.

The very first thing we determine is where you are in your agile adoption. We typically find organizations are in one of three places, each described as follows:

Iterative Development
The organization has adopted – or is trying to adopt – a single agile methodology (e.g. Scrum), and is starting to see some results from this

Agile Development
The organization has internalized the need for rapid delivery of high-value software, and has adopted tools and techniques for delivering results frequently.

Continuous Delivery
Barriers to delivery of software to the production environment have been eliminated, and the organization is now placing working, high-value software into the production environment daily (or more frequently).

We find that moving from one state to another is very difficult, however, requiring the organization to learn and adopt new skills appropriate to undertaking the next “leap forward”. The BAR is our tool to assess where in this journey your organization is currently, and provides a foundation for development of a plan to move the entire organization forward.