Re-focus a project

“I keep asking my team to work harder, but we don’t seem to be delivering anything!”

How many times have you heard – or said – this? Unfortunately, I find teams unable to deliver projects quite frequently, and it is often as a result of things they have no influence over, such as the following:

Organizational confusion, with no responsible person (or too many people) charged with delivering the project Lack of understanding about the project goals and deliverables

A culture of fear, where trying something new is strongly discouraged (despite an order to “do agile”)

A traditional view of the “team” concept, where we organize by technology layer (e.g. BA team handing off to developer team handing off to QA team, etc.) instead of focusing on the business deliverables

And, of course, lots of other potential reasons.

Re-focusing a project is difficult, as it requires changing direction, culture, organization, and possibly people while the project is in mid-flight. Rarely do we have the opportunity to completely stop, re-organize, and start afresh. And, frankly, there is always something good that can be used to move the project ahead quickly, if only we know where to look.

Using an initial review of the project using our Business Agility Review process, we are able to find the issues surrounding the perceived failing of the project, and make course-corrections to establish a realistic set of deliverables, and a way of accomplishing this delivery. But we don’t stop there – we are in this for the long-haul, leading the delivery effort for a period of time (typically one to three months), and holding regular progress reviews and making course corrections as needed.

This offering is all about experience, and we share this experience with your staff, allowing them to grow, to recognize a failing project before it happens, and direct it back to a path of success. We have successfully competed assignments of this type at multi-national health care organizations (350 people on a 3 year project), retailers (150 people adding new functionality to existing B2B and B2C web sites), financial services (100 people, 5 teams, off-shore and on-shore), amongst others. Ask how we can help you.