• Over the years we have been helped many organizations adopt an agile approach to project delivery, and we have found that there are several stages to truly becoming agile, with the journey being different for most organizations.

    Tortillis Group offers a number of workshops to help you advance from one stage of agile fluency to the next, with each workshop based on actionable, focused, project or team instruction and practice. Our objective in each workshop is for the participants to leave with someone they can use immediately, tools that will help them improve the development process as soon as they are back at their computer or talking with their constituents. We firmly believe that the “learn it – use it – teach it” model has the greatest impact on individuals and organizations, and we follow this principle in all our workshops.

    Diana Larsen and James Shore wrote about this in an article they called “Your Path through Agile Fluency” , which is tightly aligned with our experiences and approach.


    When you first decide to adopt agile, it is important to know what to do, and what to expect. We believe this is true at both the leadership level, and the team level.

    Agile Adoption for Executives workshop sets expectations at the leadership level, providing the basic terminology, metrics, and approaches to be used by these leaders.

    Agile Fundamentals workshop gives the new agile team everything they need to know to start practicing agile, from developing user stories to executing an iteration.

    After a while, the culture of the organization starts to shift, and different groups in the organization realize that they must adapt to a new paradigm.

    Business Analysis and Project Management workshops give these teams the skills they need to operate most effectively in an agile workplace.

    Product Owners have their own set of issues to contend with – they must represent the business, ensuring a positive return on investment of the project. They must also have one foot in the technology realm, helping determine the best direction for the solution itself. And they need to understand project progress, helping remove roadblocks and provide fast decisions when necessary.

    The Project Inception workshop helps the agile team – from business through to technology – how best to define, plan, and start-up a new project in a fast, effective way using agile and lean principles.

    At this point, the organization is seeing results they probably did not even imagine when they started their agile journey, and many organizations stop adopting new approaches. This is fine – after all, success looks different to every organization, and we must respect this. However, for those organizations that want to keep delivering value, but at a much higher pace, Continuous Delivery is the direction to go.

    This is the stage where your technical organization will be discovering new techniques on their own, or pairing with other organizations to delve into the technical skills they need to become faster, and achieve higher quality results. This self-directed learning is critical to improving the overall organization, and should be supported at the highest levels of leadership.

    Leadership in the Agile Enterprise , based on work performed by Jim Highsmith, and put together with his collaboration, helps the executives understand alternative leadership methods and approaches, and how they can adopt an adaptive leadership approach for every aspect of the business, from IT delivery to portfolio management, finance to project staffing.

    We have helped many organizations, large and small, government and private enterprise, by taking the pragmatic, focused approach of these workshop and curriculum. Please contact us when you are ready to take the next step in your agile journey.