What we do

Tortillis Group has long been in the business of delivering projects and software products – although we have worked on products for engineering and sporting goods companies too. But we do more than simply deliver projects – we leave behind our knowledge, techniques, approaches, and values to enable our clients to achieve success on their own, without us always “holding their hand”. This has led to all of our clients growing in their skills and confidence to deliver, to be successful, and eve to re-define success on their own terms.

Our staff are part educator, part coach, part counselor, but most of all they are experienced in delivering projects. We have the experience – yes, and the scars – to step into difficult situations and guide the organization to a successful conclusion.

So where is your project? We can help you start your agile journey, launch a new project, or rescue one of those difficult projects that just isn’t delivering as you thought.

Team Workshops

We help your teams learn what agile development is, and how they can apply it to their projects through a series of workshops that are project-focused. Our workshop facilitators are experienced agile delivery folks first, teach second, meaning you get the benefit of their project implementation experience, not just some theoretical training of agile dogma.

Project Launch

Let us teach you how to launch a new initiative, by actually launching a new initiative! We will introduce techniques that we have successfully used at many of our clients in defining the business problem, and developing actionable requirements that the development team can work on almost immediately.

Re-focus a Project

Are you sensing that you have a project that is in trouble, but do not really know what to do to rescue it? Our experience will first tell you if it is in trouble, followed by recommendations to get it back on track and deliver the most important aspects of it. But then we do something unusual – we guide the project during the recovery phase so you start delivering value! We actually stand behind our recommendations!