1.Agile Fundamentals (2 days)

In this 2-day workshop, you’ll learn not just the principles of Agile, but gain a core understanding of the thinking behind the terms.

2.Agile Adoption for Executives (1/2 day)

Agility is a business imperative, not just a technological one. Make the most out of your Agile adoption with a focus on the business perspective with real-world examples and practical techniques.

3.Leadership in the Agile Enterprise (1/2 day)

Building upon the recent work done by Jim Highsmith while partnering with key executives in a number of large organizations, we invite you to join us for a half-day hands-on workshop that explores the leadership traits necessary to transform your organization from “doing agile” to “being agile”, and how to use agile methodologies throughout your enterprise.

4.Agile Introduction For Product Owners (1/2 day)

In this interactive workshop, we will introduce and detail guidelines to apply principles of Agile methodology to Product development, with a focus on the role and responsibilities of the Product Owner.

5.Agile Business Analysis (3 days)

Join us for a three-day highly-interactive workshop that hones software analysis skills in the Agile context, where requirements are constantly changing, development is iterative and collaboration with business imperative.

6.Agile Project Management (3 days)

This three-day hands-on workshop outlines the roles, responsibilities, activities and accountabilities of key leadership roles in an Agile project.

7.Agile Quality Analysis Practices (3 days)

Take a deep-dive role into the role of testing on Agile projects, engineering best practices, Agile-specific test artifacts, test automation and incremental testing with this three-day highly interactive workshop.

8.Agile Development Practices (3 days)

Using real-world examples and hands-on labs, this three-day workshop provides an overview of Agile Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices with a focus on practically implementing them.

9.Agile Object Oriented Boot Camp (10 days)

An intensive two-week hands-on workshop designed for Java developers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the power of object-oriented programming practices.